Cretin Hall

Cretin Hall, located on south campus, is the University's most historic hall. Built in 1895 and remodeled in 1989, Cretin houses 90 students on five levels. Community bathrooms with private shower stalls are located on each floor. Common areas include a service desk, computer room, recreation area, kitchenette, laundry room and recreation and TV areas.

Seventy-five percent of Cretin accommodations are two-person suites consisting of a living room (9' x 13') and bedroom (7' x 13') with 8'6" ceilings. Smaller single-person suites are also available on the 5th floor. Each student is provided a loftable beds for each student, dresser, closet or wardrobes, desks and desk chairs for ecah student; all furniture is movable. Room flooring varies by room.  Please refer to the link below for the flooring type in each room.

Listing of all Cretin Rooms and their flooring types


Floor Plan:

A diagram of the Cretin Hall double occupancy suite with a bedroom and living room.