2018 Summer Housing Information

Summer Housing is available for enrolled St. Thomas students from the end May until the first week of August.  The application for summer housing can be found in Murphy Online in the Student Housing System starting Wednesday, March 21 Priority is given to students who are taking classes, working on campus, or engaged in summer research on campus.   

Some items to note about summer housing moves and transition.

  • Students living on campus in spring of 2018 will need to be able to move on both weekends of May 25-27 and June 1-3.  Students unable to move on both dates will need to move out of their spring housing and can move back in when they return and the room is ready.
  • Students not living on campus for Fall of 2018 will be required to move out of summer housing on Sunday, August 5.  All other students will move to their fall rooms between August 8 and 11 and must be available all the days for a potential move. Please note these are prior to the completion of courses for the 2nd summer session for academics. No exceptions can be made to this policy as we need to prepare for the students arriving in the fall semester.

To see the 2018 Summer Housing Agreement, please select this link.  This is what you will agree to when applying for summer housing.


The text version of the agreement is below:

Summer Housing Agreement

By submitting a summer housing application online through the Student Housing System, you are agreeing to all terms outlined below including the move-in and move out date and the billing of housing to your St. Thomas Student Account.  Additionally, you are subject to any policies outlined in the Resident Student Handbook found online at: stthomas.edu/residencelife/handbook/default.html

Any research grants to pay for housing fees are administered by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program or your individual department and should be applied by those departments to your student bill. Any questions about these grants should be directed back to the appropriate department.


Important Dates for Summer Housing 

Sunday, April 29 Application Due, must be submitted online through the Student Housing System

Friday, May 4 Assignment Emails Sent to your UST Email address with room and roommate confirmation

May 25-27 1st Move-in Weekend – all on-campus students must be available for both move-in weekends

June 1-3 2nd Move-in Weekend – all on-campus students must be available for both move-in weekends

Sunday, August 5 Off-Campus move out date, students not living on campus in the fall must move out

Wednesday-Saturday, August 6-12 – Students living on-campus in the fall move to their fall room.

students must be available the entire week to move into their fall room.


Summer Move-in Dates 

There will be two move-in weekends for the summer (see below). The date you can move is determined by Residence Life after the space is cleaned and available and is not easily predictable.  Students may not request one date over the other, and students selecting summer housing must be available for both move-in dates.

  • May 25-27 – Move-In Weekend #1 - Initial move of residents into their summer housing.
  • June 1-3 – Move-In Weekend #2 - Remaining summer residents move into their summer housing.

There is a $250 charge if you presently live on campus and are assigned a move date and do not move from your spring space to your summer space on that date.  If you are unsure you can move on both dates listed above, you may choose to move your items out of your spring space before moving into summer housing.  There will be no charge to residents if they are asked to move outside of these dates and are unavailable at that time.

If you currently reside in Flynn Hall, there is no guarantee that you will be staying in your current apartment.  We will need to consolidate the spaces used for summer school residents in order to also accommodate other housing needs over the summer. 

Priority for Housing 

Students completing a summer housing application by the April 29 priority deadline and are doing summer research, taking a class, or working on campus will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis for summer housing.  If space is available, and upon approval from the Department of Residence Life, we will provide housing to students not taking a class or working on campus, but a continuing student for fall semester 2018.



Your account will be billed on May 21 for the entire summer session if you indicate needing housing for the entire summer.  If you move in after that date, you will be billed within 2 business days of signing up for housing.  If you decide to leave summer housing earlier than you intended you must notify the Department of Residence Life in advance of your move out date or you will be charged for the entire summer session.  Date of move-in and move-out are based on the day you pick up your check-in packet and when you turn in your key for the room and sign off the damage form at the end of the summer.  If you move out, you cannot use the room as storage space. 


Rates and Total Cost for Summer Housing

Flynn Hall Suites $950

Flynn Hall Apartment $1,900 

If students move in after June 3 or move out prior to August 1, the cost for the summer will be pro-rated based on the day you check-in or check-out of the summer room. No pro-rating of summer housing costs will be done for moves outside of the listed dates.


Move Out

Ÿ   Summer residents who will not be living on campus fall semester must move out by Sunday, August 5, 2018.

Ÿ   If you have a room for fall semester you must move directly into your fall room within 48 hours of notification of your fall room being cleaned and ready. 

Ÿ   You must be available to move the ENTIRE time between August 6 and 12.  If you are unable to commit to the entire set of dates to move, you will need to make other arrangements to move out of the space to an off-campus location prior to August 6 and can move into your fall room at a later time.

Ÿ   The exact date between August 6 and 12 to move will be unknown until up to 4:00 p.m. on any given day that week.  Dates can vary based on your fall assignment, cleaning priorities, and conferences on campus.

Ÿ   You must make a check-out/check-in appointment with your summer Apartment Coordinator (AC) 24 hours in advance of the time you plan to move.  You will turn in your old key, receive your new key and the AC will complete Condition Report Form (CRF) for your old and new rooms.

Ÿ   Failure to move within 48 hours of notification will result in a $250 charge.


Room & Roommate Assignments 

All summer assignments will be available on the online housing system on May 4, 2018 by 4:30 p.m.  This listing will include the names of your assigned roommates, email addresses and contact phone numbers, so you may contact them.  The Department of Residence Life reserves the right to make roommate and assignment changes, and will make every attempt to notify students of roommate changes, but cannot guarantee notification or timing of roommate changes after the initial assignment letter.