Deceased Student Records Policy

The records of deceased students may only be released by the university registrar. Records will be released to survivors in the following order of succession:

  • the spouse at the time of death
  • a parent
  • the executor of the estate
  • the eldest surviving child
  • the eldest surviving sibling
  • any surviving descendent

The petitioner must provide as much of the following student information as possible with a records request:

  • name (and maiden name, if applicable)
  • Social Security number
  • the dates that the deceased student attended St. Thomas
  • death certificate (a photocopy is acceptable)

The petitioner must provide the following personal information with a records request:

  • name
  • address
  • evidence that s/he is qualified to receive the records, based on the above criteria or, in the absence of evidence, a statement certifying same.
  • phone number
  • signature
  • date of request

The request should be addressed to the University Registrar.