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The University of St. Thomas has joined with four other private colleges in the Twin Cities to form the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), a legal entity designed to facilitate cooperative activities among the five benefiting institutions. Augsburg College in Minneapolis and Hamline University, Macalester College and St. Catherine University in St. Paul are the other institutions that make up this consortium with the University of St. Thomas. These colleges possess a long history of cooperative academic activity.

Effective May 22, 2015

The Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (Augsburg, Hamline, Macalester, St. Catherine and St. Thomas) will discontinue bus service between the campuses.  The five ACTC schools are located in a vibrant urban setting with many sustainable and affordable transportation options, including recently improved Metro Transit bus routes, and car- and bicycle-sharing programs. ACTC and St. Thomas will continue to work with local organizations, including HourCar, Car2Go and NiceRide to expand the range of transportation options to our schools.

Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students in the day division are eligible to register for exchange courses in the fall and spring semesters, as long as the course is not also offered at St. Thomas during the same term. Students are limited to one exchange course each semester. An exception to this are students majoring in Social Work which is a joint program with St. Catherine University, and students with approval to pursue an ACTC major or minor.

Exchange courses are not transfer courses, and thus courses taken through the ACTC are considered UST courses and do not impact the senior residency requirement. The permanent records of courses for which a student has cross-registered is kept in the Office of the Registrar at the student's home institution. Note: For courses during the summer sessions, students register and pay tuition at the college offering the courses and have a transcript of the completed work sent to St. Thomas.

In addition to the course exchange, St. Thomas students may choose a major or minor area of concentration at any of the other four institutions. The student must be accepted into the major or minor by the appropriate department chair at the school where the program is offered. The proposed program must be approved by the Committee on Studies at St. Thomas. For additional information consult the Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs in AQU 110-G. For more information on the ACTC visit:

ACTC Courses

If you are a St. Thomas undergraduate student and have questions about registering for ACTC courses, contact the University Registrar:

(651) 962-6700