Good Samaritan Statement

From the Student Affairs Undergraduate Student Policies, the Good Samaritan Policy is as follows:

The University of St. Thomas is a Catholic University that fosters a caring culture supporting the well-being of its members. As such, when students become dangerously intoxicated through alcohol or other drugs, fellow community members have a duty to seek appropriate medical care for them. In an effort to address this concern, the University believes the following:

Acute intoxication is a serious matter and the cause of numerous injuries and deaths across the United States every year. If you see a student or member of the University community who has a medical emergency related to consumption of alcohol or other chemicals, seek help immediately. If the emergency is on campus, contact the Department of Public Safety emergency number at 651-962-5555 and the Resident Advisor on duty. If the emergency is off campus, dial 911.

If you feel hesitant to seek medical attention for another because doing so might reveal that one’s own behavior has been in violation of the University Student Code of Conduct and/or the laws of the State of Minnesota, be assured that the responsibility you demonstrate by taking appropriate action for the safety and well-being of another person will be considered in determining which actions, if any, are taken on subsequent review of the matter by the Dean of Students office.