Mental Health

The transition to attending college is a significant change, and for nearly every student, one they approach with great anticipation and enthusiasm.  But it's not always an easy change.  Being away from home, forging new relationships, both external and internal pressures to succeed academically, financial difficulties, post graduate job searches, amongst many other things can become great burdens for students.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed, or worse, alone.

All students are reminded that Counseling and Psychological Services are available to them.  All full time degree seeking students are elgible for services at no additional costs.  A list and description of available services can be found here.

UST employees are elegible for one time one time consultation/referral appointments.

The Counseling and Psychological Services Office is located in Murray-Herrick Campus Center room 356.  Hours are M - F, 8 AM - 4:30 PM.  Their phone number is 651 962-6780.  

Minneapolis office hours are by appointment only.  The Counseling Services office in Minneapolis is located in Terrence Murphy Hall room 251J. Appointments for the Minneapolis office can be made by contacting 651 962-6780.

NOTE: Intake forms can be filled out prior to any appointment.  The forms can be found on the services page, under Appointments.


If you are in crisis, and fear you may harm yourself, get help immediately.  If you live on campus, contact Public Safety at 651 962-5555.  If you live off campus, contact 911.

Emergency walk-in appointments are available at the Counseling Services Office in MHC M-F, 8 AM - 11:30 AM, and 1 PM - 4 PM.  

Locally, the Canvas Health Crisis Connection is available 24 days, 365 days a year by calling 612 379-6363.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifelife is also available 24/7 by calling 1 800-273-TALK (8255).

If you know somebody who is struggling, let somebody know.  Contact your RA, Hall Director, the Dean of Student's Office, or Public Safety.  Tell somebody.