IRS Scams

Tax time brings with it scams. The IRS works to educate about these issues, and regularly posts consumer alerts when they see spikes in fraudulent activity. 

In this scam, the potential victim receives a call from an unidentified person claiming to be with an unspecified federal law enforcement agency. The calls take on an aggressive and threatening tone very quickly, with the caller claiming the victim has an outstanding tax debt that needs to be paid immediately, otherwise the victim could face criminal charges.  

It's important to remember that the IRS will never demand payment over the phone. Notifications of taxes owed will always be done in writing. The IRS will also never call or email requesting verification of personal or financial information.  

Anyone claiming to be with a law enforcement agency should be able to provide the following upon request:

  • The actual name of the agency.
  • A badge or ID # associated with the agency.
  • A case number if you are being accused of a violation.
  • Legitimate contact information.

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