Bike Registration Benefits

When a bicycle is registered with the university, the registration number is stored in a database with the Public Safety Department, along with the owner's name and contact information so that he or she can be easily notified, in case the bicycle is recovered.

The owner will receive a University of St. Thomas registration sticker to attach to the frame of the bicycle. This will indicate that the bike has been registered and will assist in deterring theft by being a visible marker.

By registering your bicycle with the University of St. Thomas Public Safety and Parking Services Department, you will increase your chances for recovery of your bicycle if it is stolen.

Lock It or Lose It

The most important step to take against bike theft is to lock it securely and correctly whenever you leave it, even if you are just going into a building for a short time.

How many times have you thought, "I'll only be a minute" and left your bike outside a neighborhood store or campus building, unprotected? Unless you're running to an emergency, take an extra minute and lock up your bike correctly.

Most of the bicycles stolen were either UNLOCKED or had been secured with POOR QUALITY LOCKS at the time of the theft. Remember that bikes are easy targets for thieves because they're usually lightweight, easy to get to, and can even be used to help thieves make quick getaways.

Probable Cause

Often, law enforcement agencies have a difficult time determining if a recovered item of value was stolen because owners had not recorded the serial numbers.

By using the UST registration sticker, an officer finding a bicycle may be able to develop probable cause that a bicycle was stolen, even though it had not yet been reported.

Other Benefits

If a bicycle owner finds their bicycle missing, he or she can contact the Public Safety Department to file a report. Public Safety can then retrieve the owner’s bicycle information from the registered bikes database and can assist the owner in filing a police report.

After a police report has been filed, if any Public Safety Officer or Police Officer stops the bicycle and runs its serial number, the officer can then seize the bicycle and have it returned to the person from whom it was stolen.

If Public Safety locates a bike that appears abandoned, neglected, or unsecured, we can run the bike for owner information and can contact that owner and hold the bike until recovered.

Better locks often have an anti-theft protection option

Take a look at the product guarantee when you shop for a lock. The better ones have anti-theft protection option. But read these carefully as you likely have to register within a small time period and provide proof of bike purchase etc.