Utility Failure

In the event of a utility failure (water, electric, heat) immediately call the Public Safety Department at 651-962-5100. Be prepared to inform the dispatcher of the following information:

  • Building Name
  • Floor
  • Room Number
  • Nature of Problem
  • Person to contact and telephone extension

St. Thomas does have emergency power. However, emergency power is not in every building and is typically limited in duration. In the event of an electrical power failure, Public Safety will immediately contact the Physical Plant or its duty officer. In the event that the university telephone system fails, there is one emergency phone that may be operational at Public Safety in St. Paul.

*NOTE: If there is the smell of natural gas, don’t use any telephones, cell phones, light switches, or other electronic equipment. Leave the area immediately. If there are any electrical lines down, assume they are live and DO NOT touch them. When in a safe area, notify Public Safety at 651-962-5555.

What will happen next?

  • Physical Plant will contact the proper response team to restore utilities.
  • If necessary, Public Safety will assist with the evacuation of affected areas.
  • Public Safety will also assist in securing areas and notifying appropriate
  • university personnel and students.