Suspicious Packages

Identifying a suspicious package

  • If you think a package looks suspicious, call Public Safety at 651-(96)2-5555. A suspicious letter or parcel might have some of the following characteristics:
  • Origin -Postmark or name of sender is unusual, unknown, or no further address is given.
  • Postage -Excessive or inadequate postage.
  • Balance -The letter is lopsided or unusually thick.
  • Weight -The letter or package seems heavy for its size.
  • Address - Handwritten or poorly typed - shows a city or state in the postmark that does not match the return address
  • Titles - Incorrect titles, or correct title with no name
  • Writing - Misspelling of common words, poor handwriting
  • Appearance - Oily stains, discolorations or odor
  • Contents - Stiffness or springiness of contents; protruding wires or components; oily outer wrapping or envelope; feels like it contains powdery substance. (When checking, do not bend excessively.)
  • Smell -Particularly almond or other suspicious odors (do not smell package).
  • Rub-on block lettering.

How to handle a suspicious package

  • Do not handle or open a suspicious package.
  • Immediately segregate it in an unused room or space.
  • Attempt to verify the sender and/or the legitimacy of the package. For example, ask the recipient if he/she was expecting a package that matches the suspected package's size and shape.
  • Place the envelope or package in a plastic bag or some other container to prevent leakage of contents.
  • If the package has been opened or if something spills out, do not attempt to clean it up.
  • If you do not have a container, then cover the envelope or package with anything (e.g., clothing, paper, trash can, etc.) and do not remove this cover.
  • Leave the room and close the door, or section off the area to prevent others from entering.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water to prevent spreading anything to your face.
  • List people who were in the room when it was recognized as suspicious.

What to do if package is opened

  • Impacted or potentially impacted individuals should call Public Safety immediately at (96)2-5555 and move away from the area. Minimize activities until appropriate response staff arrives. If absolutely necessary, move impacted individuals into nearest bathroom facility and wash affected area of body.
  • Contain the material to minimize the impacted area.
  • Contain the material to minimize the number of individuals exposed.
  • Contain the potential impacted individuals to ensure that they receive proper medical attention.
  • Remove non-impacted individuals from the area as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain control of all potentially impacted materials.
  • Notify Supervisor.

What will happen next?

  • Public Safety will notify local police and fire authorities.
  • The police or fire officials will determine if package needs to be analyzed.
  • The police or fire officials will determine if anyone needs special medical examination.