Sexual Violence

At St. Thomas, sexual violence is defined as any act of violence or force committed without the complainant's consent, for the purpose of satisfying the actor's sexual or aggressive impulses, including, but not limited to, contact of a person or a person's clothing in the genital, groin, inner thigh, buttocks or breast areas, or the use of threat of force or coercion which requires the victim to commit or submit to any kind of attempted sexual act. This includes a physical act that is sexual in nature, is intentional, and is committed either by:

  • Physical force, violence, threat or intimidation;
  • Ignoring the objections of another person;
  • Causing another's intoxication or impairment through the use of drugs or alcohol in order to take advantage of another person; or
  • Taking advantage of another person's incapacitation, state of intimidation, helplessness, or another ability to consent.

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, the University urges you to do the following:

  • Contact the police by dialing 911, and Public Safety by dialing 651-(96)2-5100.
  • Seek support from the appropriate medical resources.
  • Utilize confidential on-campus and/or off-campus counseling resources.
  • Pursue the Internal Resolution Processes.

If a victim does not wish to pursue an official course of action at the time of the incident, or is unsure which action to take, he or she may contact the Personal Counseling Center at 651-962-6780. Student/employee contacts with staff psychologists are confidential, as are contacts with Student Health Services.