Death On Campus

If the death of a community member (faculty, staff, or student) occurs on-campus:

  • Public Safety should be called at 651-962-5555
  • Public Safety will then call the local police/fire
  • If there is any doubt if the person is alive, the required first aid will be performed until police/fire arrive at the scene.
  • Public Safety will secure the site and control the immediate area.
  • The Manager on Duty, Manager of Investigations, and the Director will immediately be contacted.
  • If the death occurred in a room or office, Public Safety will immediately change the lock(s) to secure the premises and the general area around the scene.
  • If the death occurred outside, a broad area surrounding the scene will be marked off and secured.
    No one will be admitted to the area except Public Safety, police, fire, medical examiner, or other person approved by the police. Note: The police and medical examiner are in charge of the scene until they complete their work.
  • Public Safety will work closely with the police or responding service to acquire information and coordinate the necessary law enforcement procedures.
  • Medical records and emergency contact information will be located and presented to the police and appropriate administrators.
  • No details of the death or the name of the victim will be released to members of the St. Thomas community except by the Director of Public Safety or the Manager of Investigations. Also, there will no public disclosure of the victim’s name until the family has been notified.
  • If the person is an employee, the Associate Vice President of Human Resources will be notified or, in the case of a student, the vice president of Student Affairs will be notified. These notifications will be made by the Director of Public Safety.
  • CRT notified.
  • Roommates, witnesses and significant others will be identified for future notification and statements.
  • Public Safety will identify and locate the individual’s vehicle and secure it if necessary. A records check will be done on the vehicle and all outstanding parking violations will be cancelled.
  • Public Safety will contact an IRT representative to freeze all computer, e-mail and phone accounts.
  • An incident report will be drafted containing a thorough documentation of the circumstances surrounding the death.
  • If necessary, the room will be processed by Public Safety when it is released by the medical examiner.
  • The on-duty officer for Physical Plant will be notified as soon as possible for any clean up after the area is processed.
  • Public Safety will contact local law enforcement administrators to establish a mutual working relationship.
  • Public Safety will ensure that University Relations has current/updated information.
  • Public Safety will identify those involved in the incident for follow-up and possible counseling services.