Why Psychology at St. Thomas?

The Psychology department at the University of St. Thomas offers students rich opportunities for a vibrant, stimulating, and deep engagement of the field. Students choose from over 30 classes spanning the discipline. Psychology majors receive extensive training in research. The Psychology Department at St. Thomas is noteworthy for the extent to which students get immersed in the work of the field – students do what psychologists do, and learn as psychologists learn: by systematic exploration of human behavior and mental processes. Whether it be in the classroom or through working in a faculty member’s lab, students get extensive first-hand experience with the processes of psychological research.

Today’s complex challenges are multi-faceted, and can only be met through the integration and synthesis of knowledge and practices from a multitude of disciplines. The Psychology Department curriculum and faculty are expressly interdisciplinary regularly collaborating with colleagues in related disciplines in support of the Environmental Studies, Women’s Studies, Family Studies, and Neuroscience.