Conference Opportunities

Each year, dozens of psychology majors have the opportunity to present their research at the annual Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference in April.  Students are also encouraged to submit especially well-done projects to regional and national conferences, such as the annual meetings of the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA), the American Psychological Association (APA), or Association for Psychological Science (APS)

Grant Opportunities

The office of Undergraduate Research Programs offers a number of grants each year to support student-designed research projects.  Semester-long research projects are supported by a competitive Collaborative Inquiry Grant, while summer projects can be proposed for funding by a Young Scholars Grant. 

REU Program

Another option for students interested in research during the summer, is to apply for an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate) program. These programs are offered at schools across the country to provide intensive research experiences for interested undergraduates. For more information, check out this link: