Optional Training Experiences

During the internship year interns may develop, with their supervisors, plans to gain additional skills and experience with a clinical issue or client population of interest to them. For example, interns may seek out additional experience with eating disorders, substance use, gender identity, disability identity, LBGTQ issues, health and wellness promotion, or psycho-spiritual issues or pursue focused experience working with particular populations, such as student veterans, student athletes, first-generation students, student leaders, undergraduate seminarians, or international students. This optional focused training is done within the context of psychotherapy or outreach and consultation activities. CAPS enjoys robust relationships with other departments in Division of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and those staff are eager to collaborate with doctoral interns to enrich their learning and to better serve the UST campus community. Interns also may choose to assist CAPS by conducting internal research on a topic mutually agreed upon by the center and the intern.

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