Engagement with Students with Diverse Identities

As members of a diverse campus and metropolitan community, UST/CAPS is committed to increasing awareness of diversity in clinical service and training.  Each year, CAPS sees a higher percentage of diverse clients than are represented in the UST student body. Approximately 23% of our clients identify as ethnically non-white, 6% are international students, 11% identify as LGBTQ, 16% are first-generation students, and 70% are non-Catholic.  In addition, CAPS maintains strong liaison relationships with the offices of Student Diversity and Inclusion Services, International Student Services, and Disability Resources. CAPS staff and trainees actively attend and participate in campus community events designed to increase cultural awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity to diverse UST community members.

CAPS staff and trainees are expected to incorporate issues of culture and diversity in all aspects of their clinical work, including supervision, case consultation, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, and outreach and consultation.  CAPS staff assist and supervise trainees in partnering with our colleagues in SDIS, OISS, Disability Resources to plan and present outreach and consultation activities, provide referral services, and to represent CAPS at sponsored campus events.  

Office of International Student Services https://www.stthomas.edu/oiss/

Disability Resources https://www.stthomas.edu/enhancementprog/

Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion Services https://www.stthomas.edu/studentdiversity/

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