Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 75% of our intern graduates have accepted jobs in universities or college counseling centers. While we primarily train interns for entry or junior level psychologist positions in university or college counseling centers, our training is broad enough to prepare graduates for numerous occupational settings. Former interns have accepted positions in hospitals or health maintenance organizations (11%), community mental health clinics (11%), group private practices (21%), and consulting (11%).

First, while UST is a thriving, urban, mid-sized university, it retains a small college feel, given that we have several campus locations. The internship program is located on the St. Paul campus, which serves about 5,500 students. Second, we offer comprehensive training in both individual psychotherapy and career counseling, and interns become fully integrated in all the workings (outreach, consultation, groups, supervision of practicum students...) of a busy counseling center. Finally, we offer greater breadth and depth of supervision than many other sites: each week interns receive 2 hours of individual supervision on their personal therapy cases and 2 hours of group case consultation. As a cohort, interns receive additional supervision, either weekly or every other week, in each of the following areas: career counseling, supervision, and consultation. Each month, there is a group career case supervision, and two group meetings with our psychiatrists.

In a survey of former interns during the summer of 2009 (100% response rate), intern graduates spoke to these key strengths in our program: outstanding supervision; quality, caring staff who are highly invested in the development of interns; staff support, mentoring and modeling of professional behavior; UST's supportive and affirming environment; excellent training in core competency areas of our program; and personal development as a healthy and balanced professional. We are proud to report that 95% of our former interns rated their overall internship experience as outstanding (81%) or very good (14%), and 100% agreed that they would recommend our internship to graduate students who may be considering our site.

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