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Twice-Exceptional Education Certification Courses   

A new cohort begins Spring, 2011 with the two foundation courses, SPGT 720, and SPGT 725.  For information on admissions, contact:

Vicky Rasmusson, Admissions Coordinator

  • Course 1:  Overview of Gifted Education ~ SPGT 720
  • Course 2:  Overview of Special Education ~ SPGT 725
  • Course 3:  Introduction to the Education of Twice-Exceptional Learners
  • Course 4: Case Studies in Twice-Exceptionality:  I
  • Course 5:  Case Studies in Twice-Exceptionality:  II
  • Course 6:  Practicum

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Parent Modules   

Our Parent Modules are finished!  We revised and rewrote all of the modules, some for the third time, in order to make them easier for you to use in your own programs.  All modules are complete with links to resources available on the internet.  We hope that you can use what you find here!  Please attribute our materials to Project2Excel, and include attributions for all referenced online resources you choose to use.  Let us know how you use the modules by sending an email to

The modules are based on the SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) parent group model,, and the first listed pre-reading for each module is a chapter from A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children, by Webb, J.T., Gore, J.L., Amend, E.R., DeVries, A.R. (2007).  Scottsdale, AZ:  Great Potential Press. 


Literature Review   

TeacherTopics and Training   

  • February  2009:  Identification of 2X Learners
    Consultant:  Dr. Susan Assouline, Belin Blank Center, University of Iowa
  • May  2009:  Environmental Adaptations for 2X Learners
    Consultants:  Dr. Elizabeth Nielsen and Dr. Dennis Higgins, University of New Mexico
  • September  2010:  Understanding 2X Learners
    Consultant:  Dr. Susan Baum
  • October  2010:  TeacherTopic 1 -- Student Profile for 2X Learners
    Consultant:  Capitol Hill Team
  • January 2011:  TeacherTopic 2 -- Social/Emotional Needs of 2X Learners
    Consultants:  Dr. Teresa Boatman, Dr. Mary Wandrei, & Lisa Larson
  • February 2011:  TeacherTopic 3 -- Specific Teaching Strategies for LD
    Consultant:  Dr. Terence Freidrichs
  • April 2011:  TeacherTopic 4 -- Assistive Technology for 2X Learners
    Consultants: Ben Peine, Ken Kirkley, Dr. Candace Chou, Mollie Sterling, and Mike McGraw
    Assistive Technology Overview

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Best Practices   

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Curriculum Materials