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The Foreign Affairs Club’s Model United Nations team
competed at the American Model United Nations (AMUN) International Conference on November 22-25, 2014.  The team represented the states of France and Monaco.  They represented France on three Security Councils, and both teams held positions in the General Assembly committees.  Chelsea Reinartz, co-President of the Foreign Affairs Club, represented France on the International Court of Justice and earned the position of President of the court in the course of the conference.  This was the first time UST played a Permanent-5 member of the Security Council and they put in excellent performances in all of the committees.  The UST team will represent Brazil next year at AMUN.

The Foreign Affairs Club hosted a panel on the conflict in Ukraine on November 13.  The panelists included Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk (THEO), Dr. Oksana Myshlovska, a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and a UST student, Valerie Brukhis.  The panel discussed a range of topics including the current conflict in Ukraine, Putin’s perceived role in the conflict, social movements such as the Maidan and Ukrainian vs. Russian media interpretations of key recent events in Ukraine.

The Foreign Affairs Club Model United Nations team attended the Model Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in Washington, DC from March 22-24, 2012.  The team represented the states of Japan, Mexico, and Chile and participated in working groups covering topics related to internal security, energy policy, and trade and investment.  While in the Washington DC area, the team also enjoyed a tour of CIA headquarters, a briefing from the head of the economic  branch of the Chilean Embassy, and a briefing from the top U.S. official to APEC.  The team won a number of awards, including best position paper (Japan) and outstanding delegation (Japan) as well as distinguished delegation honors for the Chilean and Mexican delegations.


The Foreign Affairs club at the University of St. Thomas was created by Peter Billerbeck and Mike Bykow as the result of ideas and objectives first formulated in the Spring of 2004. Though there were many fine organizations on campus, we saw the need for a club that dealt with international issues in specific. A club constitution was drafted and underwent many revisions before assuming it’s current form in November of 2004. The club was officially recognized at St. Thomas in December of 2004.

The Foreign Affairs club participates in Model UN conferences around the US, discusses current international issues, and contributes back to St. Thomas and the community by volunteering in local high schools and sharing our diverse experiences on world issues.

About Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Affairs Club is a club for debate and public speaking on foreign policy and international issues.

Club benefits:

  • Participate in Model UN conferences across the US
  • It's free and any student can join!
  • Develop your rhetoric and public speaking skills
  • Analyze and discuss the most recent events and issues
  • Get connected with world issues and look at the bigger picture
  • Chance to lead through many leadership opportunities
  • Great experience, fun and reflects well in your resume
  • Guest speakers, trips, events and many more exciting things!