Dr. High-Pippert will be presenting her paper, “Reclaiming our Time:  Media Coverage of the Women’s March and Women’s Convention,” at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference in Chicago in April.

Dr. Buhr will be presenting her new paper, entitled Exclusive Narratives of French National Identity and the Instrumentalization of Gender Equality Rhetoric, at the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago in April. The paper examines how different candidates and political parties appealed to gender equality as a “perennial republican value” in wildly different ways, and toward different aims.  Dr. Buhr will be a Visiting Scholar at Sciences Po-Bordeaux (France) in June and July 2018. On June 21, she will present her work on gender equality narratives to a panel of scholars who focus on identity and gender at the Centre Emile Durkheim, the Comparative Politics research center for Sciences Po. In the remaining time she will continue her wider research on the political framing of French national identity.

Dr. Angela High-Pippert recently published an article, “Girltopia: Girl Scouts and the Leadership Development of Girls,” in Girlhood Studies, a Women’s Studies journal. 

Dr. High-Pippert’s recent conference experiences include (1) presenting a co-authored paper with Dr. Steve Hoffman,  “Community Solar Programs and the Democratization of the Energy System,”  at the European Consortium for Political Research in Montreal in August 2015, and (2) presenting a co-authored paper with a recent UST graduate, Morgan Schreurs, “Homegrown:  The Political Ambition of Rural- and Urban-bred Women,”  at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual National Meeting in Chicago in April 2015.

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