Committee on Undergraduate Studies

Purpose:  to interpret academic policies in cases that are presented by individual students from the undergraduate colleges or schools, and to grant waivers when appropriate, to readmit students who have been dismissed for academic reasons, and to approve individualized majors/minors.

Membership:  five full-time faculty members, as follows:  three representing the College of Arts and Sciences, one representing the College of Business, and one representing the group of schools/colleges comprised of Education, Social Work, and Engineering; the chief academic officer or his/her designee; and two undergraduate students.

Students should submit a formal letter along with the completed petition form to Michael C. Jordan, Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, campus mail AQU 110. Petition forms and further information about the Committee can be found here.

The petition form should be signed by the student's faculty adviser. If the request involves a decision or action of an instructor, a statement from that instructor should accompany the student's request.

Requests concerning major or minor field requirements should be addressed to the appropriate department chair.