Student Life Committee

Purpose:  to seek actively to improve the quality of student life at the university in nonacademic areas in these ways:

(1)    By formulating modifications in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities and recommending them for approval by the student, faculty, and administrative bodies.  Proposals for such modifications may also be initiated by the appropriate student, faculty, and administrative bodies.  Proposals in this category will go into effect if approved by the three bodies specified.  The Undergraduate Student Government, faculty, and administration will each set up its respective body and methods for approval.  When one of the bodies suggests modifications of a proposal, the Student Life Committee will act as a conference committee to arrive at an acceptable conclusion.

(2)    In the area of student life, by recommending rules and policies on student conduct, athletics, and on- and off-campus functions sponsored by a university organization.  Proposals in this category go into effect upon approval by the dean of students.

(3)    By recommending and promoting programs it considers helpful in enhancing student life and contributing to an improved spirit of understanding and cooperation among members of the university community.  Proposals in this category go into effect upon approval by the dean of students.

(4)    By discussing matters involving on-or off-campus residency and making recommendations to the appropriate authority.

(5)    The committee will not make rules pertaining to student residencies.

(6)    None of the above limits the authority of the dean of students to establish policies and rules in the area of student affairs.

Membership:  five students (one of whom must be a graduate student), four full-time faculty members, three administrators, plus the dean of students as a non-voting member.  The committee will elect its own chair annually.  The committee will be empowered to elect a student co-chair, if it so wishes.  Up to two of the faculty members of this committee, designated by the CFNE, will also attend meetings of the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, each with a term of two years.