Grievance Committee

Purpose:  to ensure the academic rights of students and faculty members by hearing any case in which a student thinks one of the rights listed in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities has been denied.  The committee will consider only whether the challenged action or decision by a member of the faculty, administration, student body or any agency of these was unfair (arbitrary) or capricious.

Membership:  five faculty members, three administrators, and three students.  The committee will elect a chair annually from among the committee’s faculty members.

Procedure:  In the case of student-initiated grievances, each panel selected to hear an individual case will consist of one student member, one administrative member, one faculty member and the chair, who is non-voting, who will preside at meetings and who will see that the parties involved are given a fair and impartial hearing.  The chair may take part in the questioning and discussion.  Once a panel has been selected, all of those voting members plus the chair must be present in person to hear the case.  The grievance hearing procedures are outlined in the Student Policy Book.