Committee on Discipline

The Committee on Discipline shall be the board of appeal for all decisions regarding academic misconduct which are reached at an administrative level by an academic dean (or designee) and for all decisions regarding violations of the Rules of Conduct which are reached at an administrative level by the Dean of Students (or designee). Each special hearing panel shall have the authority to investigate the facts of the particular case which has been appealed and may:

1.Affirm the original decision and sanction;

2.Affirm the original decision and reduce or increase the original sanction;

3.Reverse the original decision; or

4.Disallow the original decision and order a new hearing by the academic dean (or designee) or the Dean of Students (or designee).

The committee shall consist of five faculty members, two administrators and four students. The Dean of Students (or any designated hearing officers) shall not be a member of the committee. The five faculty members shall be chosen in accordance with the Faculty Organization Plan, except that the terms of office shall commence on June 1. The four student members of the committee shall be chosen for terms of one year, commencing on May 1, in a manner designated by the Undergraduate Student Government. The two administrators shall be appointed for terms of two years, commencing on May 1, by the president of the university. In the case of vacancies, each of the above groups shall determine its own method of filling the unexpired terms.

The committee shall elect a chair annually from among the committee's faculty members. It shall be the chair's duty to select, from among the members of the committee, a special five-member hearing panel for each disciplinary case. Each such special hearing panel shall consist of two faculty members, one administrator and two students. The chair shall arrange for the meetings of each such panel, preside at these meetings, and see that the accused student is given a fair and impartial hearing. The chair may take part in the questioning and discussion, but shall not have a vote. The chair shall appoint, from among the committee's faculty members, a vice-chair who may take over as chair of a special hearing panel. In this case, the vice-chair must preside at all meetings of that panel. No meeting of a special panel shall be held unless the chair (or vice-chair) and all five voting members are present in person and not by substitute. If this proves impossible, a new panel shall be selected to hear the case again from the beginning.

Except as otherwise expressly provided herein or as otherwise provided in the document titled Committee on Discipline Procedures, the meetings of the special hearing panels shall be closed unless the chair (or vice-chair) decides otherwise.

The chair of the Committee on Discipline shall maintain a set of continuing records of all cases considered by the special hearing panels. These shall be available to faculty and administrators.

The Committee on Discipline, through the chair, may require witnesses to appear before the committee to present evidence on cases when the committee deems it appropriate.