Student Responsibilities

  1. Each student is responsible for learning the content and the skills required by his or her courses.
  2. Each student is responsible for being honest in all of his or her classes. Students will not cheat on examinations, copy another student's work, plagiarize from secondary sources or from other students or engage in any other forms of academic dishonesty.
  3. Students have the responsibility to attend their classes; the student is expected to arrive by the beginning and remain for the class period. Attendance policies will be stated in the course syllabus. The student has the responsibility of notifying Academic Counseling and his or her instructors of extended absences due to illness or other allowable reasons. If a student knows that he or she will be absent on a particular day, the student is responsible for seeing the instructor beforehand to obtain the assignments for that day.
  4. If a student misses a class, he or she is responsible for making up the work by obtaining a classmate's notes and handouts and turning in any assignments due.
  5. The student is responsible for arranging with faculty any modifications of class requirements necessitated by special needs, such as medical conditions, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities. Students with physical or learning disabilities who desire accommodations are required to provide documentation of their disability before accommodations are provided.
  6. Each student has the responsibility to treat other members of the university fairly, and respect their rights.
  7. Students must use library and all educational resources of the university in a responsible manner. Students may not deface or vandalize books, periodicals, and/or computer resources in the St. Thomas libraries as well as computer lab hardware, software and related equipment.
  8. While students have the right to freedom of expression, including the right to dissent, protest, or take reasoned exception to the information and views offered in any course, this expression cannot interfere with the rights of others, impede the progress of instruction, or disrupt the processes of the university. Students have the responsibility to express views in a reasonable and orderly fashion as further described in the Student Policy Book.
  9. Each student has the responsibility to know and abide by what is contained in the Student Policy Book of the University of St. Thomas and all other applicable university regulations and policies.