Marty Johnston portrait

Marty Johnston

Professor of Physics and Department Chair
University of California, Riverside, CA
Ph.D. Physics, December 1993
M.S. Physics, December 1989

Walla Walla College, College Place, WA
B.S. Physics, June 1987
OWS 160A
(651) 962-5214
Mail Stop OWS 153
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105-1080

I am fascinated by the search for order in disorder. Is chaos just a random state or is there an underlying structure just lurking in the shadows? My research centers on the search for invariant structures in chaotic systems. The nonlinear systems that I study are governed by classical mechanics but produce very complicated behaviors. When studied in the time-domain they tend to exhibit behavior that is very difficult to characterize. Even using tools such as spectral analysis does not lead to a very clear understanding of the system dynamics. Other tools such as Poincare diagrams, Lyapunov exponents and fractal dimensions give hints to structures that are missing in the conventional view but there is along ways to go  For more details on the projects, visit here.

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Spring 2019 Courses
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PHYS 323 - D01 Methods of Exp. Physics - T - R - - - 1330 - 1700 OWS 169

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1330 - 1700


OWS 169

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4 Credit Hours


Martin E. Johnston

Standard tools and techniques used in experimental physics are introduced while conducting an in-depth investigation of a non-linear system. Technical topics include: identifying and characterizing chaotic systems, data acquisition and instrument control using LabVIEW, signal conditioning, data and error analysis, and experimental design. This course consists of lecture and discussion. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in either PHYS 112 or 212 and MATH 200

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