Marie Lopez del Puerto portrait

Marie Lopez del Puerto

Associate Professor
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Ph.D. Physics, 2008
M.S. Physics, 2004

Universidad de las Americas - Puebla, Mexico
B.S. Physics, 2002
OWS 160B
(651) 962-5213
Mail Stop OWS 153
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105-1080

The properties of nanoscale systems such as molecules and clusters of atoms can be very different from the properties of bulk materials. That is because, at the nanoscale, quantum effects become important. In particular, the structural, optical, and electronic properties of atomic clusters can be size dependent. This is not only interesting from a theoretical point of view, but may also lead to new technological applications. The goal of my research is to use first-principles calculations to gain a better understanding of the role of quantum effects in nanoscale systems.

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PHYS 212 - 02 Classical Physics II M - W - F - - 1055 - 1320 OWS 169

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1055 - 1320


OWS 169

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Marie Lopez del Puerto

Continuation of PHYS 211. Topics include waves and sound; electricity and magnetism; geometric and physical optics. The course meets three times a week for two consecutive periods consisting of integrated lecture, discussion and laboratory. Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C- in both PHYS 211 and MATH 114 or 200 NOTE: Students who receive credit for PHYS 212 may not receive credit for PHYS 110.

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