Phone calls before 7:30 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. should be directed to 651-962-5100, the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety will act on urgent service calls that cannot wait until the next normal working day by contacting the assigned Facilities Management Staff Duty Officer.

Temperature control throughout the University is operated and maintained by the Mechanical Maintenance division of Facilities Management. Building occupants should not attempt any repairs to malfunctioning equipment. Improper operation of heating and air conditioning systems, individual window air conditioning units, or other service requirements should be directed to Facilities Management at 651-962-6530.

Bicycle racks are installed by Facilities Management Grounds division. Location of bicycle racks is determined by need as well as landscaping and architectural considerations. Abandoned bicycles are removed periodically by the Department of Public Safety and Parking Services. Questions about bike racks may be directed to Jeff Voshell at 651-962-6545.

Inspections are conducted on a continuing schedule for all university buildings by Facilities Management personnel to determine major and minor items of maintenance and repair required. Questions about building inspections should be directed to Jim Brummer, Associate Vice President for Facilities, at 651-962-6530.

We are committed to supporting the St. Thomas community by providing receiving and delivery services for all university properties that are received at the Saint Paul Central Receiving dock. Our goal is to inspect, record, and deliver all Central Receiving deliveries to the correct recipient in a timely basis and within budgetary and staffing guidelines

UST Central Receiving is located in the Anderson Student Center (ASC) just off of Cretin and Summit Aves.

Anderson Student Center on the University's North campus
Call box and Truck dock entry are on the west side of the building

UST Central Receiving phone: 651-962-6387

Hours of operation: 
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
with the exception of University holidays

Address protocol for deliveries to UST Central Receiving:
Name & PO Number
University of St Thomas
Central Receiving: ASC Cretin at Summit
2115 Summit Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105

Address protocol for Office Supply deliveries to UST Central Receiving:
Building (3-letter code) and room number
University of St Thomas
Central Receiving: ASC Cretin at Summit
2115 Summit Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105

Guidelines for receiving materials at UST Central Receiving:

  • All items delivered to the Central Receiving dock need to have a correct purchase order (PO) number or the name of a current UST employee on the delivery for receiving. In the event there is no purchase order or UST employee given with the delivery, the item will be refused or, if appropriate, redirected to one of the other five UST receiving docks in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.
  • Any item which is over-sized (wider than standard door sizes at UST) or weighs more than what can be safely handled by staff and/or student workers will be refused unless arrangements have been made in advance of the delivery with Central Receiving.  Any palletized delivery which is not compatible with UST receiving dock equipment will be refused unless arrangements have been made with Central Receiving in advance of the delivery.  If a delivery is refused and if ordering details are known, the ordering individual or department will be notified to contact a shoring company to renegotiate the delivery.
  • Central Receiving is not responsible for any item left by any trucking company, courier, or private individual without a signature from either the Coordinator of Central Receiving or a designated UST Facilities Management employee.

Guidelines for delivering received materials from UST Central Receiving:

  • Student workers or staff deliver all received packages to the delivery address given on the delivery. If the receiving department needs to redirect the delivery after the initial delivery attempt has been made, a request for service needs to be submitted to Facilities Management for the change and additional delivery address. Such redirected items will be kept at Central Receiving until the request for service has been received.
  • The ordering department is responsible for notifying Central Receiving prior to delivery of any special delivery needs such as refrigeration, special handling, multiple delivery locations, or other unusual delivery requests.  Failure to do so may result in delay or refusal of the delivery, damage to the delivery, and additional cost to the department.
  • When an attempt of delivery to a department is made and the department or office address is closed and no one is present to sign for the delivery, the delivery will be brought back to ASC Central Receiving.  A second attempt will be made the following work day.  If the recipient is still unavailable, contact will be made by note, phone or e-mail for the recipient to come to Central Receiving for delivery pick up.  If the recipient is not able to come to ASC Central Receiving building, they may submit a work request for another delivery attempt by Central Receiving staff.  Storage charges may be assessed the recipient or their department for any deliveries left at Central Receiving longer than one week.
  • Important notice: ASC Central Receiving has no availabile storage.  If the recipient cannot take possession of any palletized or large or oversized deliveries within four hours of their receiving at ASC Central Receiving, the recipient or department needs to find and commnuicate an on or off-campus storage where the delivery can be made on the same day it is received.  Any exceptions to this policy need to be made through theAssociate Vice President for Facilities, Jim Brummer.  
  • Important notice: Central Receiving depends on student workers to complete daily operations. 
    During the finals week of both Fall and Spring semesters, there are no student workers scheduled to work and make deliveries. Any deliveries received at Central Receiving during these two weeks will not be delivered until our staffing allows.  To avoid delays in receiving ordered materials, it is strongly recommended deliveries be scheduled for the week before or the week following student finals.  
    In the fall, please do not schedule deliveries the week prior the start of the school year.  We have no student staffing in the week between the end of summer and the beginning of the fall semester.
    During Christmas and New Year's breaks, deliveries will not be made until completion of the holidays and student workers have returned to campus for J-term.  
    Needed deliveries during these time periods may be personally picked up at the ASC Central Receiving location, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Central Receiving students are not trained or responsible for breaking down pallets, unpacking, assembling, stocking, or any other handling except delivery of a box or pallet to, or as close as possible to, the recipient's stated location on the shipping papers. If this service is needed, a work request should be submitted to Facilities Management before the day of delivery.  A palletized delivery will not be broken down without a representative of the ordering department present, directing, and assisting in the pallet's break-down  Central Receiving workers are not trained in shoring equipment and we accept no liability for any damages incurred while assisting the breaking down of crates or pallets.
  • Whenever a delivery from Central Receiving is received, it is always necessary to give a recipient signature. Refusal to give one will result in the item[s] being returned to Central Receiving without delivery.

For any questions about these guidelines, please call Paul Hietpas at Central Receiving 651-962-6387 or 2-6388, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Some construction for maintenance, repair, major renovation, or new construction is accomplished through contracts with outside contractors administered by the Associate Vice President for Facilities, Jim Brummer. Only Project Manager, Josh Gallus or authorized Facilities Management personnel may direct the work of contractors for any new construction or renovation.

Elevator problems, malfunctioning elevators, and elevator break downs should be reported to Facilities Management at 651-962-6530 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. For problems occurring outside these hours, please call the UST Department of Public Safety and Parking Services at 651-962-5100.

Good judgment is an important factor when determining whether or not a situation should be considered an emergency. Any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction, or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life or property is an emergency and should be reported immediately by telephone to Facilities Management during working hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at 651-962-6530.

After normal working hours, report emergency conditions to the UST Department of Public Safety and Parking Services, 651-962-5100.

Facilities Management's response to emergencies will normally be immediate, depending on the time of day and availability of personnel. If the time of occurrence is other than normal working hours, the on call staff duty person will secure the emergency condition and determine upon consultation what immediate action or repairs need to be taken.

Equipment installation for a department is provided by Facilities Management as a reimbursable service. A Service Request must be submitted along with a valid account number to Facilities Management.

Since the majority of the university's utilities distribution and telephone systems are underground, all excavations and digging on the grounds must be approved and coordinated by Facilities Management. Questions regarding digging or excavation should be directed to Jim Brummer, Associate Vice President for Facilities at 651-962-6530.

Cleaning of academic and administrative areas is accomplished by UST Building Service Workers. 

If emergency cleaning is required, Service Workers will be assigned on the basis of availability by calling Nichole Boehmke, Director of Custodial Services, at 651-962-6388. Any problems or questions involving needed cleaning should be communicted during normal business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Building Service Workers are not permitted to perform personal or unauthorized services. This includes unlocking doors for individuals. Public Safety should be contacted in St. Paul at 651-962-5100 or in Minneapolis at 651-962-4100 for entry into locked areas.

Fire extinguishers in University buildings are provided and inspected semi-annually by Facilities Management under outside vendor contracts. Missing fire extinguishers should be reported to Facilities Management at 651-962-6530.

Maintenance for all basic classroom furniture and fixtures is provided for and budgeted by Facilities Management. Broken classroom furniture may be reported to the Facilities Management office at 651-962-6530 during normal working hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Maintenance for specialized departmental instructional equipment items, office furnishings, and other furniture is a departmental responsibility. Facilities Management is able to provide repair services for such items on a reimbursable basis. A Service Request should be submitted for such requests.

The Environmental Health and Safety division of Facilities Management is responsible for the clean up and disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste. If there has been a spill of hazardous material on campus, Colin Brownlow, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, should be contacted immediately at 651-962-6533.

The Environmental Health and Safety division provides training at safety seminars for UST personnel regarding the storage and use of hazardous chemicals. Any questions about these seminars or use of hazardous chemicals on campus should be directed to Colin Brownlow at 651-962-6533.

Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used in Facilities Mangement on request to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

The Department of Public Safety, Access Services maintains all campus door locks, keys and access as part of the building security.

Please follow this link to their Lock, Key and Access policy web page. (Control key and click on the link, it will open in a separate window.)

Nameplates and signs for interior identification of offices, laboratories, desks, and other areas in buildings are provided as a reimbursable service by Facilities Mangement. A Service Request should be submitted to Facilities Mangement for this service.

Moving of University property within the grounds or to other University-owned properties is provided through the Central Receiving division of Facilities Mangement on a limited scale and as a reimbursable service. A Service Request should be submitted to Facilities Mangement at least 72 hours prior to the intended move date.  Please contact Paul Hietpas, Central Receiving Manager, at 651-962-6387 for questions regarding moving services. To move large amounts of furniture, materials, or items requiring special handing, an outside moving company will be contracted at the requesting department's expense.

Facilities Mangement routinely provides, by contract, pest control services for buildings on campus (i.e. Food Service Facilities). If pests are noticed in buildings, departments may call 651-962-6530, and the contracted exterminator will apply insecticide or traps as needed. Control of insects in decorative plants is the responsibility of the plant owner.

Facilities Mangement personnel follow a regular schedule of routine preventive maintenance checks on doors, windows, roofs, hardware, refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing, ventilation, electrical systems, and other equipment proprietary to campus buildings. Defects discovered during these inspections are repaired under the operational budget of Facilities Mangement. Problems in these areas that are discovered by members of the University community may be reported to Facilities Mangement at 651-962-6530.

A similar service can be provided on a reimbursable basis for department equipment. Please contact Facilities Mangement for more information.

Recycling services are provided in all University buildings. Recycling containers are emptied daily by Building Service Workers. If there is a recycling container in a building that needs emptying, please notify Shane Philhower at 962-6350. The cardboard desk paper recyclers are the responsibility of the office occupant(s) and should be emptied into the corridor recycling containers.

Pick ups of unusual amounts of recycling, confidential recycling, and requests for additional recycling containers can be accomplished by submitting a Service Request to Facilities Mangement.  

Additional information about UST Recycling may be found at the Recycling Home Page.

Trash and refuse generated by the University is picked up on a regular schedule by an outside contractor. Trash from buildings is taken by Building Service Workers to outside trash dumpsters for pick up by the contractor. The University is billed for each pick up as well as by tonnage. Departments are encouraged to make a concerted effort at recycling in order to assist in reducing the ever increasing trash removal bill at the University.

Special refuse pickups can be arranged as a reimbursable service on a limited basis by submitting a Service Request to Facilities Mangement.

Problems with un-removed trash within University buildings should be reported to the Director of Custodial Services, Nichole Boehmke, at 651-962-6388.

No one is allowed on, nor allowed to place any objects or equipment on the roof of any campus building without written prior approval by Jim Brummer, Associate Vice President for Facilities.

Snow and ice control for roads, sidewalks, grounds, and parking areas is provided by Facilities Mangement's Grounds division. Questions or concerns may be addressed to Jeff Voshell at 962-6545.

Removal of snow and ice from building entries is the responsibility of the Building Service Workers. Concerns about these areas may be addressed to Nichole Boehmke, Director of Custodial Services, at 962-6388.

All members of the University community are responsible for removing their vehicles from off the public roads around the University during snow emergencies. The schedule for St. Paul snow plowing may be found at the St. Paul Snow Plow web page.

Connections for utilities may be made only by Facilities Mangement personnel.

On occasion, repair work or construction projects may require temporary interruption of utility services. In the majority of these situations, affected campus departments will be notified in advance by electronic messaging. In emergencies, Facilities Mangement will notify the department chairperson and or directors of departments in the facilities affected.

Maintenance of University vehicles is coordinated through the Grounds division of Facilities Mangement. Most vehicles are serviced on a scheduled basis. For service and repair outside of the schedule, please contact Jeff Voshell at 962-6545.

Building windows are cleaned on a scheduled basis by Building Service Workers of Facilities Mangement and by contract service. Window cleaning outside of the schedule may be performed on a reimbursable basis by submitting a Service Request to Facilities Mangement.