Online: From the UST Request for Service page, click on Facilities Management.

When filling out a Facilities Management Request for Service, it is imperative that all pertinent information concerning the requested work is included.

Pertinent information includes:

  1. Name of the requester
  2. Phone extension where requester can be contacted
  3. Which building (the online request form gives all building choices)
  4. The specific office or room number
  5. The specific location (ex. NW window, SE corner, etc.)
  6. What needs to be done or what exactly the problem is (please be as specific and to the point as possible)
  7. Account number to be charged

You will receive an auto-receipt for your work order. If you do not receive a reply, your request for service may not have been received by Facilities Management. To confirm, please contact UST Facilities Management at 962-6530.

  • Facilities Management is responsible for all renovation, maintenance, repair of and operation of University facilities including buildings, grounds, utilities, and installed systems.
  • Facilities Management has employees trained in every principal trade or profession required for facilities maintenance, repair, alteration, construction, custodial and environmental services. Our experienced staff responds to urgent or specialized needs, and provides continuity of basic maintenance and repair programs on site.
  • The use of the Facilities Management work force has proven to be consistently more economical that contracted service, although the scope, cost or specialized nature of some work may make it more advantageous to perform certain work by contract. When work is performed by a contracted vendor, the work will be arranged and coordinated by Facilities Management.
  • Our goal is to provide each student, faculty, staff member and visitor a safe, comfortable, functional environment within financial and regulatory constraints.

Facilities Management funded services are those for which Facilities Management normally budgets and are included in its annual operational budget. These services are rendered by Facilities Management personnel without charge to the requesting department.

Examples of Facilities Management funded services include:

  • Maintenance and repair of building structures, roofs, stone and masonry, windows, doors, wall surfaces, flooring, stairwells.
  • Maintenance and repair of permanently installed building utilities and distribution systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; electrical and plumbing systems; other special systems or equipment installed as integral facts of the building.
  • Maintenance and repair of University sidewalks and roadways.
  • Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furniture and finishings, such as window shades, venetian or levolor blinds, seats, chairs, lecterns, blackboards and whiteboards.
  • Painting of interior and exterior finished surfaces on a periodic, scheduled basis.
  • Basic scheduled custodial services including refuse and recycling collection.
  • Grounds and athletic field maintenance and all campus landscaping
  • Maintenance and repair of campus lighting.
  • Pest control.
  • Maintenance and repair of elevators.
  • General facilities planning support for all University components; staff design and project management for capital budget projects.

Departmental services are those for which Facilities Management does not budget and which must be paid for by the requesting department or organization.

Examples of service requests paid for by the requestor include:

  • Installation of department owned equipment.
  • Painting or decorating beyond the level provided under scheduled maintenance.
  • Furniture repair, fabrication of cabinets, shelves, signs and other miscellaneous items.
  • Renovations, alteration, or improvements to the facilities.
  • Services required to set up for special events.
  • Moving services.
  • Special custodial or refuse collection services which are in addition to those normally provided by Facilities Management
  • Maintenance and repair of special classroom equipment, special lighting or sound installations, office furniture and furnishings, laboratory equipment, and other departmental property.
  • Storage of departmental property.
  • All services to the university auxiliary enterprises or other activities supported by sources other than the university's general fund budget.

Requests for estimates must be made in writing. Telephone requests for estimates will not be honored. When an estimate is requested, the project should be under serious consideration because of time and cost for each estimate. Requests for estimates must be signed by a person with authority to sign service requests. Sketches and drawings will greatly assist in defining work to be done and, when possible, should accompany estimate requests.

Our goal is to complete all requests for routine Facilities Management services within ten working days. If unforseen backlogs preclude this response, the requestor will be advised of estimated completion time when requesting service.

Request for Departmental services will be scheduled as other work allows. Requestors will be given estimated start and completion dates when Facilities Management agrees to the work.

Generally, Facilities Management services for maintaining the campus must take priority over departmental services. Departmental services tasks are scheduled in the order in which they are received. At times, priorities for Facilities Management services are set by the University's executive administration.