Digital Files for External Entities

Photo Services is charged with promoting the mission and telling the stories of St. Thomas through visual media. The resources that the university expends on equipment and personnel to accomplish this goal are not insignificant. As such, there are restrictions on how Photo Services images may be used by individuals and institutions outside of St. Thomas. Though no set of guidelines can account for every situation, the following should offer a framework for when images may be distributed to parties outside the university, or for non-UST publications.

Keep in mind that the overriding philosophy for all requests is whether the PR value accrued to the university is commensurate with the usage, size, and placement of the requested image. For instance, an image used on the cover of a prominent publication would need an extensive mention of UST both inside and outside the publication, whereas a small photo or mug shot might simply need a photo credit to go with it.

  • External entities must always credit UST images in the format “Photographer name/University of St. Thomas” or in a similar format that identifies the photographer and the institution. This is not required for small headshots.

  • Photo credit is not required on publications created by the university.

  • Faculty are welcome to use their official university headshot for speaking engagements, book jackets and other academic purposes so long as their affiliation with the university is noted in the same publication.

  • Standard headshots may be used with an employee's LinkedIn or other social media profile if that profile mentions their affiliation with St. Thomas.
  • Digital images will not be distributed for personal use (screensavers, social media, self-printing, etc.). If you are the subject of a recent university photo session, Photo Services is happy to provide up to three prints at 8x10 or smaller as a thank you for your time and assistance (additional prints may be purchase for a fee). If you believe you have a business use that would benefit both you and the university you may contact Director of Photography Mike Ekern to discuss it. The free print offer does not extend to standard university headshots.

  • Images will not be distributed for uses that reflect negatively on the university. You may be asked to detail the tone and anticipated use of the image you are requesting to ensure adherence to this guideline.

If you have addtional questions or believe an exception needs to be made, contact Director of Photography Mike Ekern.