Scholarships and Grants

The Department of Philosophy does not offer any student scholarships; however the department does have an annual essay contest Essay Contest.

Those interested in scholarship support should also visit the Financial Aid Web site.

Opportunities at UST for Scholarships, Grants, and Research

The UST Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship (URCS) Program offers opportunities for collaboration of students and faculty, including the following:

Information and deadlines may be found at

John Ireland Scholarship

The John Ireland Scholarship honors his commitment to Catholic education and service to God's people by offering graduating seniors the opportunity to pursue full-time graduate studies in theology at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity.

Criteria for the award include: 1) record of academic success as demonstrated by coursework and cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher; 2) enthusiasm for the mission of The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity; 3) demonstrated commitment to service; and 4) eligible for admission to MA in Theology, MA in Pastoral Ministry or MA in Religious Education.

For more information about The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity's graduate programs in theology and the John Ireland Scholarship.

External Fellowships and Scholarships

The Office of Academic Affairs at UST maintains lists of fellowships and scholarships from outside programs and institutions that are available to students.  The fellowships list gives award opportunities for graduating students, who would typically apply in their senior year.  The scholarship list gives award opportunities for students with a year or more of undergraduate study remaining.  In some cases, UST runs an internal selection for top candidates to put forward in prestigious competitions, which requires interested students to submit applications internally ahead of the outside program’s deadline.  Each listing gives a brief description of the award and eligibility requirements, a program website, and the name of the contact person at UST who can provide more information. 

Fellowship and scholarship information may be found at:

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2014 Scholarships