Research Opportunities

The UST Undergraduate Research and Collaborative Scholarship (URCS) Program offers opportunities for collaboration of students and faculty, including the following:

Information and deadlines may be found at

Minnesota Philosophical Society Student Conference

The Minnesota Philosophical Society hosts a Student Philosophy Conference each year. A different educational institution organizes and hosts the annual event. A call for papers is generally issued in February, and the Conference is held in April.

Society for Student Philosophers

The Society for Student Philosophers hosts an annual conference featuring papers from students around the world. In addition, it offers opportunities for students to participate in the division meetings of the American Philosophical Association. Membership is free.

Undergraduate Philosophy Journals

There are a number of journals that either accept or specialize in publishing undergraduate work. Most are published only once or twice a year, either online or in print form. Be sure to check each journal's submission requirements, deadlines and areas of emphasis. Here are a few suggestions:

Aporia (Brigham Young University)
Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy (University of San Francisco)
The Dualist (Stanford University)
Episteme: An International Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy (Denison University)
GNOSIS (Concordia University)
Meteorite (University of Michigan)
Hemlock (University of British Columbia)
Prometheus: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal (Johns Hopkins University)
(Santa Barbara City College)
The Yale Philosophy Review (Yale University)

For additional student-related journals, visit EpistemeLinks.