Careers in Philosophy

The study of philosophy, like many majors in the liberal arts and humanities, is not a clearly-defined path to a single, specific career. Instead, it develops a wide range of abilities that are the groundwork for lifelong personal and professional success. Philosophy majors build skills that are highly desirable to employers. You will learn to think critically, analyze problems, develop arguments, research questions, debate and critique issues, and communicate clearly—versatile abilities that will serve you well in a wide range of career paths. The challenge is matching your interests and skills to the broad array of career opportunities open to you.

A significant number of philosophy majors pursue religious occupations. However, philosophy majors also work in academia, business, communications, finance, law, medicine, nonprofit organizations, public service, and the arts. Philosophy majors may choose to enter the world of work immediately upon graduation or pursue further education. The study of philosophy is ideal preparation for graduate or professional school. In fact, philosophy majors score higher on the LSAT exam that any other major and rank third in the list of majors accepted into American medical schools. They also score well on the GRE and GMAT. Of course, philosophy majors also pursue advanced education to become philosophy professors.

With a major in philosophy you can do almost anything. Whether your career path ultimately relates directly to philosophy or draws on the skills developed through your studies, the experience of critically exploring fundamental questions of life, faith, knowledge and humanity will be inherently satisfying.

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