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The Department at UST

With its 25 tenured and tenure-track faculty members, the Philosophy Department at the University of St. Thomas is the largest philosophy department in Minnesota.

The department offers two courses that are part of the University's core of required courses. The first introduces basic tools of logic and philosophical perspectives on human nature and personhood; the second continues to develop logical skills and introduces philosophical principles that underlie moral responsibility.

The department has a long-standing commitment to study of Aristotle and Aquinas, thinkers foundational to the Catholic intellectual tradition. But the department is committed to broad integration of our understanding of reality, and the program engages a variety of philosophical traditions and areas. You can study Tibetan epistemology with a professor who reads and speaks Tibetan; you can study philosophy of science with a professor who has a Ph.D. in the history of science (in addition to a Ph.D. in philosophy); you can study philosophical questions posed by children's literature with a professor who publishes in that area; you can study philosophical linguistics with a professor who -- along with holding a Ph.D. in philosophy -- has a master's degree in linguistics; you can study Chinese or Indian philosophy with professors who specialize in those areas.