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Perkins Loan Office: What’s New

These items are information updates such as changes in loan regulation or changes in the St. Thomas Perkins Loan procedures or other informative notices.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Keeping your payment current each month will help establish an excellent credit report when lenders inquire. St. Thomas (University Accounting Service) does not report your payment history but reports the status of your loan account each month. The credit bureau builds the payment history that is seen by your lenders. Payment, deferment or cancellation forms are due by the first of each month. If your payment or form is not received within 30 days of the due date, your account status will be reported as past due.

Effective 07/01/2002

Application for permanent disability will require the borrower and physician to complete an extensive application form. The University will review and make a tentative decision to approve or deny. At that time the borrower's loan is assigned to the Federal Department of Education (DOE). The DOE will review for approval or denial. The borrower will then be notified of both the above decisions. The DOE will then monitor the borrower's income information and additional loan information for the next three years to ensure additional Title IV money is not lent and to ensure income is not above the poverty level for a family of two. If either of the above occurs, the loan will re-enter repayment. If at the end of the three years none of the above occurs, the borrower's loan will be cancelled.

You can change your address from the UAS web site at

You can access balance and last payment date information at 1-800-999-6227.

UAS has a new program called ECHO which allows you to receive your student bill on-line and pay your bill when you want the amount deducted from your account. For more information go to

If I Have a Question About My Loan, Who Do I Call?

For more information, check out the links on the right or contact the University of St. Thomas Federal Perkins Loan Office at (651)962-6610, or 1-800-328-6819 ext. 26610, or by fax at (651) 962-6630.