St. Thomas Motor Vehicle Operation Policies, Procedures and Certifications Program

The University of St. Thomas maintains a fleet of vehicles. The University also authorizes the use of personal, rental and lease vehicles as long as they are used for St. Thomas business. These vehicles are needed for a variety of purposes including maintenance, deliveries, security, attending meetings and other St. Thomas business. Policies are needed to insure the proper use and operation at all times. Cooperation from those who drive or operate university vehicles will help to keep drivers safe and reduce risks. The success of the program depends on the support of each person who drives St. Thomas vehicles.

The purpose of this program is to protect drivers, reduce accidents and lessen risk associated with the use of motor vehicles. This is achieved by establishing policies and procedures; and evaluating and certifying drivers.

The policies are designed to give authority, direction and accountability. The procedures and regulations will provide information on the proper use of university vehicles. As an authorized driver, each person will be responsible for the way in which the vehicle is driven.

All drivers of St. Thomas vehicles must be both authorized and certified.

All St. Thomas owned vehicles and all persons who drive St. Thomas vehicles will be subject to these policies and procedures. The use of St. Thomas vehicles is a privilege and not a right; therefore restrictions will be placed on who can drive vehicles as well as how these vehicles are used.

Motor Vehicle Policies

Student Transportation Policy

Authorization to Obtain Driver Record

How to Copy a Driver’s License to Authorization Form

Place the Authorization Form (face down, top in) in the Manual Feed Tray (folds out from side).
Place the driver’s license face down on the glass scanner towards the top right (within the 8.5x11 range).
Copy the driver’s license with the following settings (1 to 1 sided, 1 copy, paper selection: Manual feed tray)
Repeat with the driver’s license face up towards the bottom right (within the 8.5x11 range)