Permit Policies

The following policies apply to all St. Thomas issued permits.

Vehicle Registration Required 

Parking enforcement on the St. Thomas campus is conducted through license plate recognition. All vehicles parking on campus, in association with a parking permit, must be registered in the parking management system and associated to the current parking permit. Failing to register a vehicle, or attach it to a parking permit, may result in a parking citation.

Transfer of Permit or Contract and Temporary Permits

Multiple vehicles may be used in association with faculty/staff and commuter permits. However, all vehicles parked on campus must be registered within the parking management system and to the parking permit.

Permit Refunds


If an employee terminates employment prior to the end of spring semester, payroll deductions will end once with employment. Payroll deductions will not end and refunds will not be granted for any other reason except termination of employment or an unpaid leave of absence.


Permit refunds will be issued only upon withdrawal from the University or to resident students who become commuter students. Refunds will not be issued for any other reasons. In order to receive a full or partial refund for a parking permit, the permit holder must provide either proof of withdrawal from all current classes or proof that he/she has moved off campus. Full refunds will be issued only if the permit is cancelled before the end of the second week of classes for fall and spring semester, or before the end of the first week of classes in J-Term. If cancelling your permit after these deadlines, partial refunds will be issued on a prorated schedule.

Resale of Permit and/or Contract

Permits may be sold only by the Department of Public Safety and may not be offered for resale or exchange by anyone.