Parking Guides

To assist in understanding the topic of parking and transportation at St. Thomas, the parking guide reviews parking and alternative transportation options, as well as all policies, procedures and regulations. All regulations contained within this brochure are subject to change at any time, without notice, as new parking issues may arise throughout the year. Every effort will be made to update this brochure and notify the community of any changes.

To be parked legally on property owned by St. Thomas, you must purchase a valid St. Thomas parking permit, and register and associate any vehicle to be parked on campus to an active parking permit, or pay to park in visitor parking areas.

To qualify for a parking permit you must have a valid St. Thomas picture identification card and must be engaging in St. Thomas related business or events. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking space and a lack of parking is not a valid excuse for any violation of parking regulations.


2020-21 Minneapolis Parking Guide

2020-21 St. Paul Parking Guide