Overnight & Weekend Parking

Overnight Parking

There is no parking in any surface lot from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., except:
  • Employees who hold a valid parking permit and work nighttime shifts, who are parked in a faculty/staff lot;
  • Friday and Saturday nights, only in Lots A & V. This is subject to change due to lot closure, lot repair or snow removal. In such cases, notices will be posted in the resident halls and at the impacted lots in advance.

Weekend Parking

Overnight parking is only allowed in Lots A & V on the weekends. Vehicles without a permit will not be ticketed during the day beginning at 6 p.m. Friday until 10 p.m. Sunday in resident, faculty/staff and commuter lots. Overnight parking is only allowed in Lots A & V as described above. All restricted lots and all other regulations will be enforced.

Visitor parking ramps remain pay-by-the-hour over the weekend.