Purchasing your parking permit or bus pass

Please read the instructions below completely, in order to make your registration process simpler.

To purchase your permit, Metropass or C-Pass, you must first register through the St Thomas Parking Portal.

1) Login using your St Thomas email address and network password.

2) Click on "Get Permit" in the lower right hand corner.

3) Read the instructions on the following page and click "Next".

4) Select the permit you wish to purchase.

5) Agree to the policy statements.

6) Click "Next".

7) Either select a vehicle already on your record or click "Add Vehicle" to add a new vehicle.

If not adding a new vehicle, skip to step 10.

8) To add a vehicle, enter and confirm the vehicle license plate number. An innaccurate license plate number could lead to a parking citation.

9) Complete the remainder of the vehicle information. Click "Next".

10) Click "Next".

11) You will be taken to the payment page. Your method of payment will be automatically selected as "Payroll Deduction" for faculty and staff, or "Student Account" for students.

12 ) Click "Pay Now".

13) Proceed to Parking Services in MHC 106 for St. Paul campus permits or TMH 106 for Minneapolis campus permits to pick up your permit.