Commuter Student Parking

The University of St. Thomas provides multiple parking options for commuter students, on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.

Like most urban schools, St. Thomas has an ongoing concern with parking. More than two thirds of our students, faculty and staff commute to the university.

Because of the complexity of parking on more than 20 surface lots and four parking ramps on the St. Paul campus, procedures and regulations have been established to help provide fair and equitable parking.

In order to be parked legally on property owned by St Thomas, you must purchase and correctly display a valid St Thomas parking permit. To qualify for a parking permit you must have a valid St Thomas picture identification card and must be engaging in St Thomas related business or events. To correctly display a parking permit, the permit must be hanging from the rearview mirror facing outward with the permit fully visible. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking space and a lack of parking is not a valid excuse for any violation of parking regulations.

St. Paul Campus Commuter Parking Permit Areas

  1. Commuter Parking Lots
    1. Lots C, I, K, M, N and O
    2. Lot L ia open to Commuter permits after 5 p.m.
    3. Lot A will be closed suring summer 2019, but will reopen for commuter and faculty/staff parking in fall 2019
  2. Anderson Parking Facility (St. Paul south campus parking ramp)

Minneapolis Campus Commuter Parking Permit Areas

Minneapolis 11th St. & Harmon Place Ramp or the St Thomas surface parking lot on LaSalle Ave. & 11th St.