Hour Car

Car Sharing for the Twin Cities

HOURCAR offers the convenience of a car on campus, but none of the stress of dealing with parking, car maintenance or increasing gas prices. There are several convenient Hour Car locations near our campus; including one parked right on Grand Ave., in the parking lot at Grand Ave. and Macalester St. There is also a car at the Minneapolis campus in the School of Law parking lot. You can use a car when you need one and use transit, a bicycle and your own two feet the rest of the time! Hourly rates are as low as $8.50 per hour and include gas, insurance, and maintenance. Plus, the cars have reserved on-campus parking, so you never have to worry about where to park when you return. And with a fleet of cars throughout Minneapolis and St Paul, we’ve even got you covered when you leave campus.

Learn more about the program and apply for membership at the HourCar website