Important Dates from Academic Counseling

Here are some updates from Academic Counseling which impact your student. As you engage with your student have them share their plans for preparing for finals and the registration process for J-term and Spring.

Mid-Term Grades

Students can check posted mid-term grades via Murphy Online (Student Services -> Student Records -> Midterm grades).

Registration for J-Term and Spring

The early registration period for J-term and Spring Semester 2021 is November 16–25. Students can find their registration “time ticket” (specific registration date/time) via Murphy Online (Student Services -> Registration -> Registration Status). Students are required to consult with their assigned advisor about their registration plans every semester. After this consultation, an advising hold is released, allowing each student to register for classes when their registration date/time arrives. Students can view the names of their assigned advisor within their online degree evaluation (Student Services -> Student Records -> Degree Evaluation). Students are strongly encouraged to access and monitor their degree progress by reviewing their degree evaluation with regularity.

The Academic Counseling website has great registration information and tools for all students. Have your student(s) check out these resources: Registration Information and Registration Tools.

J-Term Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office would like to remind students that J-term enrollment is a separate charge from spring enrollment and may increase out-of-pocket costs for the school year. Encourage your student to contact the Financial Aid Office at 651-962-6550 or with any questions on how their J-term enrollment will affect their financial aid and costs.

Special Advising notes and tips for first-year students:

  • First-year students are required to complete an online course called Degree Planning Essentials. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the course, which provides an overview of degree requirements and introduces them to their online degree evaluation.
  • In addition to Degree Planning Essentials (noted above), students are required to meet with their assigned advisor prior to their registration time (the advisor then will release a hold from the student account).  Students should arrange to meet with their advisor well before their registration date/time.
  • Dates/times of registration are determined by earned credits to date and first-year students often have limited registration options. It is important to encourage your first-year (and sometimes second-year!) students to keep an open mind about the courses that are available at the time of their registration.
  • Students are not required to register for a J-term class, and J-term enrollment may not be necessary at all for students who have earned at least three college credits via Advanced Placement credit, Post-Secondary Enrollment Option credit, College in the Schools, etc.
  • Please encourage students not to panic if a desired course is closed/full.  Spring 2021 course plans can usually be adjusted without any significant impact on degree progress, and in cases where essential courses are full, students can work with academic departments (e.g. Chemistry, Math, etc.) to navigate waitlists or be directed to an overflow section if/when it becomes available.
  • Academic Counseling is hosting remote registration assistance consultations November 24 and 25. Academic counselors will be available to assist first-year students with enrollment logistics. Please note that this assistance is intended to assist students with registration logistics. Students should consult with their assigned advisors and have their holds released prior to these dates.

Key Academic Dates and Deadlines

  • Wednesday, November 18 is the last day to withdraw from a class without a grade of F.
  • Thanksgiving break is November 26-29. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  • The last day of Fall Semester classes is Tuesday, December 15.
  • Study Day is Wednesday, December 16.
  • Finals week is December 17 – 22.

Study Resources

Encourage your student to check out some of St. Thomas’s study resources prior to finals week.

  • Several academic tutor schedules are available online on the Center for Student Achievement website. If a specific department is not listed, your student can contact the instructor or the academic department directly for more information.
  • If your scholar feels behind and needs to catch up in any given class, “Getting Back On Track When You Are Behind” provides some great tips!