Residence Life Updates

It’s been a big year! We hope that your student was able meet new people, learn more about themselves by living in community, and that they were able to take advantage of opportunities on campus to engage and learn in the midst of the necessary Covid-19 protocols. Thank you for your support during a unique and challenging year.

Move-Out Reminders
As your student’s move-out date approaches, please remind them that Residence Life and Facilities Management value sustainability. We are encouraging sustainable living practices by providing donation bins in each residence hall for students to place donations of food, clothing, electronics, small appliances, etc. We will also provide an opportunity for students to donate large furniture, such as futons, couches, chairs, etc. on campus. 

Move-out should occur within 24 hours of your student’s last final or by 8 p.m. on Friday, May 21. Each student needs to sign up for a check-out time through their housing portal. Instructions on how to sign up and additional information they need to know about move-out was emailed to them on Monday, April 26 by Residence Life. If they cannot find the email, information can be found on the Residence Life website. 

Summer Housing Reminders
Encourage your student, if staying on campus for the summer, to please refer to the instructions they received in an email from Residence Life regarding moving to summer housing. Transition to summer housing will occur anywhere from Thursday, May 27 – Thursday, June 3.   

Well Wishes
If your student is returning to the residence halls next year, we look forward to engaging with them again, and hopefully this time it will be without many of the COVID-19 restrictions. If your student is graduating or moving off campus, we wish them the best in their journey.