Living On Campus Next Year

Greetings Parents from Residence Life, 

After only two months in the residence halls it seems awkward that we would already be talking about housing for the next academic year, but we are.  As students start to think about where they will live next year, some of them will begin to explore the off-campus market.  While the supply of housing is plentiful and students do not need to start signing leases until mid-late Spring semester, some landlords will convince students that now is the only time.  Therefore, we want to get information to our students early enough so that they can make good decisions. 

We want students to return to living on campus.  Please talk with your student/s about all the benefits of doing so.  Living on campus is conveniently close to classes, dining, health and fitness, friends and a number of campus resources.  It's accommodating to students that may want to study abroad, because we do not require them to find a sublease.  All charges are upfront and transparent, and we charge through the student’s account.  We offer a wide range of housing types and price points.   

Most of our upper-division students will select into an apartment or suite-style room.  Our first-year students, students going into their second year, will divide into thirds between apartment, suite and traditional-style housing.  We are committed to providing more housing opportunities for our first-year students by holding more suite and apartment style housing for this population.  Our first-year students, students going into their second year, will select among apartment, suite and traditional style housing choices.  If first years are willing to live in traditional style housing again, we have space for them on campus.  If they want an apartment style room and do not get it through the normal selection process, please encourage them to select into a traditional room and get onto the waitlist for an apartment.  Space often opens for many of these waitlist students. 

Here is a summary timeline of our process: 

  • Beginning December 1, the re-application process begins online 
  • From February 1 through 22, housing information sessions across campus for all students 
  • From February 26 through March 15, the housing selection process is happening with students selecting their own housing for next year
  • April 15 is the last day to cancel with no cancellation fee