The University of St. Thomas Joins Culture of Respect

Parents of college-aged students, who were alarmed by the high rate of sexual assault on college campuses, founded Culture of Respect in 2013. With a team of public health and violence prevention researchers from New York University and Columbia University and experts in advocacy, student affairs, higher education policy, and law, they created the Culture of Respect Engagement Blueprint, a six-pillar strategic road map that engages campus stakeholders in implementing the leading practices to shift campus culture to one that is free from sexual violence.

The University of St. Thomas is proud to partner with Culture of Respect. Launched in Spring 2017, the University’s participation in this collective will help us strengthen our response to and prevention of sexual violence, including dating violence, stalking and sexual assault. 

A Campus Leadership Team, consisting of staff, faculty and students from around the University will collectively complete an evaluation to identify strengths and gaps in sexual violence prevention and response efforts at the University of St. Thomas. Using the results of this evaluation, the leadership team will develop an Individual Implementation Plan for the University of St. Thomas.