Is there a "Fredo" in your Family Business?

Balancing Relationship & Business Needs

Friday, April 7, 7:30 a.m.

Figuring out how to maintain strong family relationships and a strong business can be a tremendous challenge for business families. While some family members work tirelessly to help their business succeed, others may be there simply because of their ‘last name’ and serve as impediments to their business. Balancing the needs of the family with the needs of the business is therefore important to creating a healthy family and a healthy business.  Learn how your family can excel at this balancing act from a nationally recognized expert on family business. Dr. Kimberly Eddleston, from Northeastern University, will share how you can successfully manage relationships, make and communicate tough decisions, and maintain close family relationships.

Taking inspiration from The Godfather, Eddleston’s interactive presentation will center on the “Fredo Effect” which is based on the flawed middle brother from the movies who became an impediment to the Corleone family business. She will also share stories from her own family businesses as well as those of others that she has worked with over the years. In this presentation, families will learn how their relationships can create a “Fredo,” how to identify one in the business, and the steps to mitigate or avoid the “Fredo Effect.”

There is no cost for family businesses with a current student at St. Thomas.

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Friday, April 7, 7:30 a.m.

University of St. Thomas Minneapolis campus

Opus Hall 201/202