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Greetings Parents from Residence Life!

As we near the end of J-Term and welcome the Spring semester, we turn to our Room Application and Selection Process.  This is the time when current students and residents will apply for housing for the next academic year and when they will select housing through our web-based system. 

We will be holding numerous information sessions around campus during February and are sending information directly to students with details on the process.  Please encourage your student to read the emails and attend the information sessions.  If your student has any questions, please encourage them to reach out to us as soon as possible; they can stop by our office in Koch 106 Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 4:30pm, call us at 651-962-6472, or email us at

Most of our upper-division students will select into an apartment or suite-style room.  Our first-year students, students going into their second year, will select between apartment, suite and traditional-style housing.  We are committed to providing more housing opportunities for our first-year students by holding more suite and apartment-style housing for this population. If first years are willing to live in traditional style housing again, we have space for them on campus.  If they want an apartment style room and do not get it through the normal selection process, please encourage them to select into a traditional room and get onto the waitlist for an apartment.  Space often opens for many of these waitlist students. 

We look forward to having your student return to on-campus living and are here to work with them through the process if they should have any questions, concerns or challenges.