Learn to Live - New Resource for Stress, Depression and Anxiety

85% of college students report feeling overwhelmed or stressed at some point during the past year.* Stress can negatively impact life, academic performance, work, and relationships. On December 5th, the University of St. Thomas launched a partnership with Learn to Live, an online option for students who struggle with stress, depression or social anxiety, to provide help in the privacy of their own residence, at any time.

Students can enroll for free in any of Learn to Live’s three interactive programs – Social Anxiety, Depression, or Stress, Anxiety & Worry – or take Learn to Live’s quick assessment to find out if stress, anxiety or discouragement could be impacting other areas of their life. More information can be found at http://www.stthomas.edu/counseling/selfhelp/learntolive/.

You may be aware of the significant impact of a student’s emotional health on classroom performance. Untreated conditions like stress, depression and anxiety may contribute to decreased motivation and attendance, lower grades, and the choice to drop out. You are often the first to see these issues arise in a student’s life and are well-positioned to encourage their use of available resources.

As a third-party service, member information is completely confidential and student information will not be shared with St. Thomas administration, faculty or staff. If you have any questions, please contact Learn to Live directly at support@learntolive.com.

*American College Health Association. American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment II: Reference Group Executive Summary Spring 2015. Hanover, MD: American College Health Association; 2015.