Wellness Center Spring Sleep Challenge

Sleep is a powerful bodily function. It restores, rejuvenates, and energizes the body and brain. The one-third of your life spent asleep profoundly influences the other two-thirds of your awake life. Healthy sleep increases your energy levels, productivity, academic performance and overall health while simultaneously helping regulate body weight, mood, and creativity.

Each semester, the Wellness Center’s Sleep Team leads the Sleep Challenge in which students learn more about their individual sleep habits, set sleep goals, and receive prizes for working towards them over the course of 20-30 days. This semester, the Sleep Challenge will begin in April and run to the beginning May.  To learn more information about the upcoming sleep challenge event and the importance of sleep visit our website.

The Wellness Centers partners with the Center for College Sleep to deliver quality, educational programming around sleep for students. The Center for College Sleep at St. Thomas was recently featured in the NCAA’s Champion Magazine 10th anniversary edition.